May 2020 Newsletter

2020 IT Confidence Conference

You are invited to attend the annual IT Confidence Conference – a virtual conference that will be accessible to all IT and metrics professionals. This is our first virtual conference enabling more people to join than ever before.

The proposed dates are:

August 28 in the Europe favorable timezone – Netherlands/Italy/Spain 9am, China 3pm, Australia 5pm

September 4 in the USA favorable timezone – California 9am, New York midday, Mexico City 11am, Netherlands/Italy/Spain 6pm

Full details on the conference can be found on the website.

Call for presentations

We invite professionals responsible for, involved in, or interested in data collection, analysis, standardization, and benchmarking to share innovative ideas, experiences, and concerns within this scope. The conference targets two types of contributions:

  • Experience contributions: e.g. problem statements and practiced solutions in planning and using benchmarking practices for helping and driving strategic decision-making, and
  • Research contributions: e.g. empirical studies, hypothesized models, and suggestions for establishing effective benchmarking programs for improving software/service value management.

You can do your presentation from the comfort of your home or office.  Abstracts close July 3.  Full details and link to submit your presentation can be found here.


Knowledge is Power

For over 20 years, researchers and I.T. organisations have turned to ISBSG, to use its ever-growing repository of project data.  The old saying ‘knowledge is power’ holds true in the I.T. world.  Here, industry knowledge provides the power to effectively plan your project and maintain control over costs. 

To continue to be a source of knowledge for the I.T. industry, our data repository must keep growing.  That’s where your assistance is needed. Your submission of I.T. project data will add to the diversity and growth of the repository.  We guarantee your confidentiality – no data identifying your company is stored in the data repository. 

For more information on project data submissions, please go to

Let’s keep the knowledge flowing!     


GUFPI-ISMA (Italian Software Metrics Association)

COVID-19: 1st EventoMetrico 2020 postponed

To ensure the safety for all our participants and to follow the current national rules  pertaining to the COVID-19 emergency, GUFPI-ISMA has decided to postpone the  EventoMetrico in Rome until 18th September 2020.  Use this new link to reserve your seat  This event is free of charge for GUFPI-ISMA members. Members from ISBSG, IFPUG, COSMIC and other associations within our network will receive a 10% discount on the daily fee.

Participation will grant 1 IFPUG CEC for the CEP program (CFPS certified) and 5 PMI’s PDUs. For any information, please e-mail us at:  

  #WebinarMetrico: let’s keep in touch

To deal with the current social restrictions, GUFPI-ISMA has decided to increase its production of webinars (“WebinarMetrico”).

Use the following link to find our webinars Remember, while EventoMetricos, are available for all, they are free for GUFPI-ISMA members.  Non-members pay a small fee. Any webinar grants one PMI’s PDU.

To browse our list of previous webinars and events, click on: All content (i.e. videos and presentations) is  available in the Private Area.

For more information, visit the GUFPI-ISMA website. GUFPI-ISMA (



IFPUG is launching a series of webinars, The Knowledge Café, to connect with its members. Now you can not only listen to but learn also from the best of minds from industry.

Following are the details for the Session 1:

Topic: Software Development: Preparing For Life After COVID-19

Presenter: Mr. Thomas Cagley, past IFPUG president and a highly respectable speaker, coach and consultant

When: June, 5 2020; 9:00am EST time

Value: How to prepare for life after COVID-19? How organizations are going to have to re-focus on measuring and improving core capabilities like efficiency, dependability and effectiveness? The presenter will share his experience who has observed several recessions during his 45 years of career – including Dot.Com debacle and more recently the financial crisis

Registration: FREE to members and non-members. To register go to IFPUG then to Online store OR

(must login or create a user profile to register).



 Nesma publishes Metrics in contracts documents

Contracting of software development projects and maintenance continues to be a difficult task for many organizations. They struggle to determine which questions they need to ask in the ‘Request for Proposal (RFP)’ and contracting phases.

These organizations wish to find the questions that enable them to compare the bidding suppliers in an objective, yet meaningful way.  They want to select the right supplier based on this comparison.

In practice, the industry sees many RFPs that seem to achieve this goal at first glance, but which offer a comparison that is not objective and meaningful at all. As a consequence, in many cases the wrong supplier is selected, which can (and often does) result in a failing project. Repeatedly, suppliers argue with client organizations about the objectivity of the tender and the reasons for missed offers and sometimes they even start legal action.

The working group Metrics in Contracts has published a number of mini guides, which can help to use standardized metrics, enabling you to contract software development parties in an output-based way. The documents can be found here:


Nesma revises the Function Points in Enhancements Guideline

The Guide Function Points in Enhancements is used all over the world to measure the size of added, modified and deleted functionality. This way it becomes possible, for instance, to estimate and to measure the performance of agile teams in a way that teams can be compared to each other. Nesma has now updated the guide, using more data to support the impact factors that are used in this method. You can download this guide here:

For more information, visit the Nesma website