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We wish all of our readers a very merry Christmas.

We hope that 2020 is filled with happiness and prosperity for you.

Note: the ISBSG office will be closed from December 25th to January 1st.


ISBSG…the story so far










1997 was a memorable year – the 1st Harry Potter novel was released, scientists cloned Dolly the sheep and Hong Kong was returned to Chinese rule. 

1997 was also the year that ISBSG was formed by IT professionals and IT metrics organisations in Australia.  The aim of this not-for-profit group was to promote the use of historical IT project data to improve project planning and estimation.

To achieve this aim, ISBSG created 2 repositories of project data. 

  • Development & Enhancement (D&E)
  • Maintenance & Support (M&S)

Since 1997, ISBSG has been supported by IT companies and metrics organisations from around the world. Their project data submissions have enabled the ISBSG Development & Enhancement repository to grow to more than 9,100 projects.

The graph below tracks the growth of the ISBSG Development & Enhancement Repository.


Today, ISBSG data is trusted and used by IT companies world-wide. Universities and academics trust the ISBSG data for their research papers and projects. 

The ISBSG Development & Enhancement repository currently contains project data from more than 26 countries and 12 major industry types (ie. communication, insurance and banking).  Find out more about ISBSG Data in our detailed Demographics Report.

However, ISBSG needs your help to continue to grow.

Support ISBSG’s quest to help IT professionals with their project planning.

Please submit your project data to us and enable our repositories to grow. Your data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Find out more details on how you can help ISBSG support the IT industry.




This is the last Nesma news of the year and of this decennium (decade). Eight years ago, Nesma began to work towards Software Cost Estimation as part of its 2020 strategy. Nesma collaborated with ICEAA on the development of the sCEBoK, with the support of a large number of international organizations including IFPUG, Cosmic and of course, ISBSG.

In this decennium, we’ve released a new Nesma sizing standard (v2.3), guidelines for estimating packaged software and we’ve organized the IWSM conference in 2014 and 2019. The topic of the IWSM 2019 was “The Future of Cost Estimation”.  Software Cost Estimation will remain our focus in 2020.

I would like to wish you happy holidays and a great new year and decennium.

Best Regards, Harold van Heeringen, on behalf of the Nesma Board


Workgroup Software Cost Estimation

Software Cost Estimation has become an important topic in IT and in cooperation with ICEAA, a first set-up of the sCEBoK has been developed.

There are many organizations that are not aware of what Software Cost Estimation is or what the benefits are. The Software Cost Estimation working group intends to develop promotional material, organize promotion sessions (webinars, meet-ups) and discuss the needs of IT organizations with respect to Software Cost Estimation. Are you interested to participate in this working group? Send an email to

  Workgroup Sizing & Cost Drivers

In 2020, Nesma wants to focus on a number of topics within the Practice Sizing & Cost Drivers:

  • Applying the counting guidelines in the current practice of Agile and Scrum project methodology
  • Application of the counting guideline for Web / Internet development
  • Application of the counting guideline for Enterprise Service Bus systems
  • How can we promote the Nesma counting guidelines in the Netherlands and internationally?
  • Besides sizing, what other cost drivers are there? What are the most significant of these and are perhaps metrics known about them?

We are looking for your feedback on these topics!

We do not want to deal with this using long-term committees, but with small workgroups working short on small steps. One or two meetings at a time (possibly online), and then deliver results on the Nesma website. 

If you like to think along and/or contribute to one of these topics, please send an email to Alexander Vermeulen via this email address:


CFPA register will be reopened

As requested by many Nesma members, the online register of Certified Function Point Analysts will be reopened soon. FPA professionals can distinguish themselves with their certificate. The register will once again offer this option.

Please note that the register does not necessarily contain everyone who is certified, but only those individuals who have applied for it themselves.

An application form will be added to the website. Keep an eye on the newsletter and the Nesma website to see when the register will be open again.


New version of the Nesma 2.3 standard available

Last year the new version of the ISO standard for Function Point Analysis was released. In addition to the ISO standard, there are various user guides that describe the application of FPA in certain situations. This includes a professional guide that describes how to apply FPA when maintaining and/or enhancing software.

This week we also released an updated version of this user guide. The new version (2.3) is in line with the adapted terminology used in the ISO standard. In addition, a high level approach has been described in this area of application. The new version can be downloaded free of charge from the Nesma website.


New Linkedin group for function point analysts

Recently, a group has been launched on Linkedin for the experienced function point analysts. Anyone who is working with Nesma Function Point Analysis in practice can register to this group. Dutch is the group’s official language. Do you work with Nesma FPA? Then become a member of this group.


GUFPI-ISMA (Italian Software Metrics Association)

Become a GUFPI-ISMA Member 

GUFPI-ISMA, the Italian Software Metrics Association, will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year. They have just launched their subscription renewal campaign for 2020. GUFPI-ISMA members receive the following benefits:

  • attendance at 3 metrics events where the latest techniques and news is shared by metrics experts
  • access to a wealth of information contained in webinars and more than 400 documents online
  • access to the ISBSG Productivity Data Query Tool, which generates project estimations used for benchmarking purposes
  • discounts at other technical ICT associations in the GUFPI-ISMA
  • and more….

Learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of GUFPI-ISMA.  


Other News

The GUFPI-ISMA website will be available in English soon

We are currently planning events for 2020:

  • Rome on May 15th 2020
  • Florence on September 18th 2020 (ISBSG IT Confidence 2020)
  • Bari on Dec 4th 2020

As usual, the day after our ‘EventoMetrico’, we’ll host anyone who wants to join us for a cultural event (‘EventoDifferente’). We will visit attractions in the cities hosting us for our metrics/technical meetings.  This will be done in a relaxed style – this is a good way to get to know one another and to foster a sense of community within our metrics group. Thus, join us and let’s see you in Italy!



IFPUG has just renewed its Board of Directors and we congratulate Christine Green as the new President who will lead the association for the next two years.  Learn more about the IFPUG Board of Directors here.

Stay tuned for more information regarding the dates and locations of the forthcoming ISMA conferences for  2020.

Recently SNAP, the non-functional sizing technique, become also the IEEE 2430 standard.  Learn more.

Would you like to contribute an article to MetricViews, the IFPUG newsletter? Well, you can write “your views on metrics” and submit it ro IFPUG by Dec 31st 2019. Find out more

Last but not least, Brightest (jointly with the Pearson Vue network) is the new IFPUG certification exam provider. Read more.  New documents describing more refined methods on counting and sizing both functional and non-functional software, will be published next month.

Interested in learning more about IFPUG?  If you are not yet a member, you can join us just with a click .