Sept 2019 Newsletter

News from the 2019 IT Conference

L-R: Immediate past ISBSG President – Harold van Heeringen, Agilean partner/snr consultant – Owen Chen, YHAT Inc CEO – Masayuki Kayijama,  ISBSG Exec Director – Paula Holmberg, new ISBSG President – Pierre Almén.

In August 2019, ISBSG’s Gold partner – China SPI (Software Process Improvement) – hosted the annual IT Confidence and Cost Measurement Conferences, in Beijing.

Metrics experts from around the world presented their research on a variety of IT project management topics. They demonstrated the importance of using historical IT data to make informed planning decisions. The result was that the audience gained valuable insight on using this data to restore IT Confidence.

To view the presentations and learn about: project productivity, cost estimation, benchmarking and managing a project that is behind schedule, go to 2019 Confidence Conference Presentations


ISBSG Workshop

Every year, the ISBSG board of directors convene at a workshop where a number of important topics are discussed, for example: data collection, new special analysis papers and product development.

This year, along with the IT Confidence Conference, Gold Partner China SPI organized the ISBSG workshop in the massive China Convention Center in Beijing.

After a successful workshop, the board elected a new president: Pierre Almén (IFPUG) and vice-President: Helen Huang (China SPI).  Many thanks to outgoing president, Harold van Heeringen, for his leadership for the past 8 years.


A free guide to Improve Your Project Productivity

ISBSG has just released a new report – Productivity Measurement of Software Projects –  Practical Guide.

This guide addresses the difficulties that arise when measuring productivity for IT projects.  It demonstrates the importance of project benchmarking and how it can be used to enhance productivity measurement.

Download your free copy of Productivity Measurement of Software Projects


Support ISBSG and Become a Gold Partner

Becoming a Gold partner allows you to influence the ISBSG strategy and to work together to collect the right data and to provide the right products to the market.

ISBSG offers 2 types of Gold partnerships – Not-for-profit and Industry.

For more information, go to ISBSG partners enjoy benefits.


News from IFPUG Industry Standards Committee – by Carol Dekkers, CFPS Fellow, Committee Chair

We’ve had an exciting few months of industry standards work culminating in new advancements that will benefit the ENTIRE GLOBAL software measurement community.  This is good news for ISBSG, IFPUG, NESMA and beyond!

Here are the highlights:

  • ISO/IEC 25020 Quality Standard: Thanks to Steve Woodward’s involvement on various ISO/IEC committees (as a Canadian representative to JTC1 SC7) and with the OMG (Object Management Group), led to the successful mentions of Functional Size Measurement and IFPUG Functional Sizing (ISO/IEC 20926) in the recently released ISO/ IEC JTC1 SC7 Industry Standard  25020, Systems and software engineering — Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) — Quality measurement framework.  Note that this standard includes references to the various functional sizing methods, including IFPUG ISO/ IEC 20926 (and the other ISO/IEC FSM standards.) The annex highlights that functional size provides value to help “normalize” qualitative data. Go to the ISO/ IEC website to review the outline, (note that there is a cost for the full document).
  • SNAP becomes IEEE P2430 (C/S2ESC) Standard for Software Nonfunctional Sizing Measurement! Thanks to efforts by IFPUG NFSSC chair, Talmon Ben-Cnaan, the joint project between IFPUG and IEEE was recently completed.  SNAP (IEEE P2430) is now an official IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) standard. This is a pivotal step for software non-functional measurement worldwide!
  • ICEAA (International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association) Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (sCEBOK): The ICEAA Software CEBOK curriculum committee (with members from IFPUG, NESMA, Galorath, COBEC Consulting, PRICE Systems and others) are in the finishing touches of a new certification for software cost estimating that includes Function Points prominently as a software sizing measure.  The sCEBOK will be administered by a new ICEAA software council to which IFPUG will contribute along with our colleagues from NESMAI am honored to work with our IFPUG, NESMA, ISBSG and measurement industry colleagues on this project:  Eric van der Vliet (Lead – NESMA), Brian Glauser (Galorath), Harold von Heeringen (NESMA), Dan French (IFPUG FSSC Chair and COBEC), Roopali Thapar (IFPUG Board member), Christine Green (IFPUG VP,) Alain Abran (UQAM), Arlene Minkiewicz (Price Systems), Denise Nelson (Boeing), and others.
  • OMG automated Function Points becomes an ISO/IEC standard: Followers of ISO/IEC standards and functional size measurement (FSM) will be interested to know that the first automated specification for FSM has become a standard. Just last month, Dr Bill Curtis, Chair of the Consortium for Software Quality (CISQ), announced the publication of ISO 19515:2019 Information technology — Object Management Group Automated Function Points (AFP), 1.0. Click here for more details.

Until next month, measure twice, cut once. 😊  Carol

National Congress of Software Measurement & Estimation 2019

You are invited to the National Congress of Software Measurement and Estimation, CNMES.  This is part of the 7th International Research Conference and Innovation in Software Engineering (CONISOFT2019).

Do not miss this forum where there will be an exchange of ideas related to the measurement and estimation of software among professionals, software development companies and academics.

Venue: Faculty of Engineering, UNAM, Mexico City.

Date: October 24 2019

Go to CNMES 2019 for more details.

GUFPI-ISMA (Italian Software Metrics Association) Metrics Conference 2019

Join GUFPI-ISMA in Rome for their September Metrics Conference.

Listen to expert speakers discuss: measurement estimation, application of measurement to ICT contracts, measuring security requirements and more.

Venue: Frentani Congress Center, Via dei Frentani, 4 00185 Rome

Date:  October 24 2019

For more details go to GUFPI-ISMA Metrics Conference 2019.

International Workshop on Software Measurement (IWSM) Conference 2019 – Cost Estimation in the Netherlands

Save the date! From October 7 to 9, the IWSM conference takes place in Haarlem, The Netherlands with this year’s theme: IT Cost Estimation.

Are you involved in or responsible for:

  • managing the budget in an Agile environment
  • estimation of effort and costs for IT deliveries
  • value management of your organization

Then don’t miss the last opportunity in this decade to learn from international professionals and to expand your professional network.

Register directly via this link or read detailed information about this conference.

I look forward to meeting you in October during the conference in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Best Regards,

Eric van Der Vliet (Nesma President / IWSM Conference chair)

Let the ISBSG Data help the management of your project

The ISBSG Data consists of 9,178 development projects, releases and series of sprints.  Academics from international universities use the ISBSG data as a basis for their research papers and projects.  Organisations from around the world trust the ISBSG data to assist them with the planning of their IT projects.

Compare your project against similar projects from the ISBSG Data to evaluate its performance. Use these benchmarks to improve productivity and reduce costs.

About the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG)

The ISBSG is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1997 by a group of national software metrics associations. Their aim was to promote the use of IT industry data to improve software processes and products.

The ISBSG mission is to help YOU and your organization improve the estimation, planning, control and management of your IT software projects and/or maintenance and support contracts.

To achieve this ISBSG maintains and grows 2 repositories of IT software development/maintenance & support data. This data originates from trusted, international IT organizations. Learn more about the ISBSG data.