2019 IT Conference

ISBSG Gold Partner, SPI China, hosted the 2019 IT Confidence Conference and the Cost Measurement Conference in Beijing, China.

See the presentations from the 2019 IT Confidence Conference below:

  • Project behind Schedule – What Are My Options? – Paula Holmberg (Executive Director, ISBSG)
    So your project is behind schedule.  This presentation compares the different solutions to this common problem. Download the presentation: My project is Behind Schedule
  • Stop guessing. Start using facts! – Pierre Almén (ISBSG President)
    This presents the importance of using function points as a benchmarking tool for your software project
    Download the presentation: Stop guessing. Start Using Facts
  • Validity Evaluation Model for Cost Estimation Based on Various Software Metrics – Masayuki Kajiyama (CEO – Yhat Inc) 
    This detailed statistical and mathematical study examines the factors that influence productivity and work efficiency .  A cost validity model is then proposed to evaluate the proposed cost. Download the presentation: Validity Evaluation Model for Cost Estimation
  • Software Cost Estimation (finally a real profession) – Harold van Heeringen (NESMA)
    This presentation explores the topic of cost estimation in the IT industry.
    Download the presentation:   Software Cost Estimation