May 2019 Newsletter

New Release of the ISBSG Data

The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) is pleased to announce the 2019 release of the Development & Enhancements software data repository.

Almost 1000 projects, releases and sprints have been added.  The number of new development projects, releases and series of sprints is now 9178.  Use the data for:
• Agile Software Cost Estimation,
• Agile Duration Estimation,
• Team size estimation,
• Software project estimation,
• Reality checks of proposals,
• Project control,
• Scope management,
• Team performance measurement,
• Benchmarking,
• Research
• ……

A few words from the ISBSG president…

Harold van Heeringen, ISBSG president states:

“ISBSG now collects more Agile and DevOps data, as many organizations move from traditional software development methods to these methodologies.

These new methods of software development are designed to deliver working software of the highest priority as fast as possible to the user.  However, organizations using these methods can lack control of their software development teams, resulting in higher cost per unit delivered.

Problem: The introduction of Story Points. Story point metrics work fine on the team level but are not useful for management purposes. Story points is not a standard and the number of points strongly differs per team.  Metrics based on story points often can’t be used for longer term estimation and team performance measurement.”

The importance of Functional Sizing Measurement

Functional size measurement is still the only objective, repeatable, verifiable and therefore defensible way to measure the output of software development (the functional size delivered) in a standardized way.

The ISBSG data of completed projects, releases and sprints, helps organizations to regain control of application development, regardless of the development methodology used.

ISBSG data helps organizations to make better decisions, based on objective data instead of subjective opinions. Through the years, many organizations have used the ISBSG data to avoid software horror stories.  It has helped them to select the right outsourcing partners and to support other important decisions.

The 2019 repository license can be purchased stand-alone or as part of a Corporate Subscription.

See ISBSG Project Data and ISBSG Corporate Subscription for more details.