October 2018 Newsletter

IT Confidence Conference – Mexico-city

The IT Confidence conference 2018 was hosted in a splendid way by our Gold Partner Asociación Mexicana de Métricas de Software (AMMS), who organized the IT Confidence in conjunction with the 3rd CONGRESO NACIONAL DE MEDICIÓN Y ESTIMACIÓN DE SOFTWARE in Mexico-City. In two days, over 200 attendees learned a lot about the new initiatives in the industry regarding measurement of software and estimation of software projects. The full presentations can be found here.

Over the two days presentations from the ISBSG Gold partners including:

  • Dan Galorath – Galorath
  • Dr Francisco Valdés Souto – AMMS
  • Harold van Heeringen – NESMA
  • Pekka Forselius – FiSMA
  • Pierre Almen – IFPUG
  • Raúl Fernández– LedaMC
  • Ying Liu – China SPI

Alongside Paula Holmberg, ISBSG Executive Director, and Jean-Marc Desharnai from COSMIC.

A special introduction of Pierre from Dácil Castelo, an IFPUG Board Member, who talked about the common goal of functional sizing regardless of the method used.

Alongside the 2 day conference, ISBSG conducted the annual 2-day workshop.  Discussion is based around supporting our members and ensuring ISBSG is embracing the current functional sizing methods and attributes needed by our members.  New products will be coming in the year to come.


ISMA16 – In cooperation with BFPUG, ISMA16 was held this week in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Oct 18, 2018.

ISMA17 – Call for presentations for March 6-8 in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

IFPUG CFPS holders can obtain continuing education credits through attendance at ISMA17.

Nesma Autumn Conference – Thursday November 15

This theme for this year is Agile Deliveries; #Estimates or #NoEstimates. Location is De Soester Duinen, Soesterbergsestraat 188, 3768MD Soest, The Netherlands.  If you would like to present the deadline for final presentations is 26 October.  For more details on the conference click here.

International Workshop on Software Measurement

ISBSG president Harold van Heeringen visited China to speak at the IWSM2018 in Beijing, hosted by ISBSG Gold partner China SPI. In this presentation, an analysis of the projects measured in the COSMIC measurement  method was presented. The presentations of this conference can be found here.

International Software Quality Engineering Forum 2018

ISQE was held in Guangzhou on September 28.  Harold van Heeringen presented on the Importance of Software Cost Estimation and the international initiative to create a Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge and the certification program.  More information about this event can be found here.


IFPUG is proud to be a part of the curriculum development behind this soon to be launched (as reported by NESMA last update) software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge certification. Functional size measurement is one of the core components of this new international certification and is recognition of its importance in formal software cost estimating.

The latest issue of the IFPUG semi-annual journal, MetricViews, is available with the theme: Software Measurement meets Automation.  Articles include

  • Automation Tools for Real-Time Embedded Software Functional Size Measurement
  • Measurement Automation Using M.A.R.IN.E
  • Simulation Models on ISBSG Benchmark Data
  • And many more

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