August 2018 Newsletter

Software Cost Estimation – finally a real profession!

Estimation maturity processes on average are still quite low in the Software industry. Large sums of money continue to be wasted because projects were not estimated professionally, resulting in cost and schedule overruns.

One of the issues across all of industry is the fact that the software cost estimator is often not a recognized profession. In many organizations, estimates are based on experience and opinions of biased human experts, instead of being based upon relevant historical data and parametric models.

Nesma and ICEAA (International Cost Estimation and Analysis Association) are working together to create a training curriculum and certification for ‘Software Cost Estimator’, a professional role for estimating software related activities and products.

In cooperation with several supporting organizations, including ISBSG, and professionals in the industry, Nesma and ICEAA have been working together to develop a Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (sCEBoK). In line with the training and certification programs ICEAA already has for cost estimation, the goal is to develop a training and certification program specifically for the software cost estimator. The plan is to have the first professional software cost estimators certified next year at the ICEAA conference in May 2019 in Tampa, FL and at the IWSM conference in November 2019 in Haarlem, the Netherlands.

For more information, please check:

Visit the new Nesma website!

Nesma has launched a new website! Visit our new website via or take a look at the video for a preview

Nesma Fall Conference – Call for Presentations

Nesma invites you to contribute as speaker to the annual autumn conference on 15 November 2018.

If you would like to share your experiences, thoughts, research results or other information on the theme: “AGILE DELIVERIES; ESTIMATES OR NO ESTIMATES? THAT IS THE QUESTION”, please send an abstract of 150 – 200 words before 21 September 2018 to:

  • Conference date: 15 November 2018
  • Location: De Soester Duinen, Soesterbergsestraat 188, 3768 MD Soest, The Netherlands
  • Conference: 00 pm – 6.00 pm
  • Network drinks + Dinner: 00 pm – 9.00 pm

For speakers, no fee is required for the event and the event dinner.

We’re counting down to the 2018 IT Confidence Conference 

CNMES18 – The National Congress of Measurement and Estimation of Software will take place on September 11th 2018 in Mexico.

This will be followed by the 2018 IT Confidence Conference on 12th September.  Come along and hear presentations by experienced and well-respected leaders from the IT industry.  These include:

  • “Cost & Risk Analysis of  Managing Modernization Projects With Cloud and Open Source Considerations“  by Dan Galorath (CEO of Galorath Incorporated)
  • “Agile & FSM Methods Go Well Together!”  by Diana Baklizky, CFPS, CSP, CCFL, SA (SAFe Agilist TI MÉTRICAS Ltda.)
  •  “Patterns as a quick way to estimate new projects with few information”  by Jean-Marc Desharnais (Adjunct professor, Software Engineering and IT department – ETS)

We look forward to seeing you in Mexico!!