March 2018 Newsletter

Now available: Release 2018 R1 of the Development & Enhancement data repository!

(>8250 projects, releases and sprints)

The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) announces the new release of the Development & Enhancements data repository. The number of new development projects, releases and series of sprints is now over 8200. The data can be used for software project estimation, reality checks of proposals, project control, scope management, (supplier) performance measurement, benchmarking and research. Compared to the previous release, >250 projects, releases and sprints have been added.

ISBSG is investigating ways to collect more Agile and DevOps data, as many organizations move from traditional software development methods to agile and DevOps methodologies. Although these modern ways of software development are designed to deliver quality software to provide maximum value to the user, organizations using these methods often have difficulty assessing performance and productivity of their software development. Story point metrics work fine on the team level; however, they need being matched to functional size of the software for management purposes. As story points is not a standard and the number of points strongly differs per team, performance and productivity cannot be based on story points alone.

ISBSG provides the data necessary for matching story points with functional size. This allows management to accurately predict how many people should be in the teams. In addition, the ISBSG benchmarking database allows predicting at what time, what amount of functionality will be available and of what quality.

Functional size measurement is the only objective, repeatable, verifiable and therefore defensible way to measure the output of software development (the functional size delivered) in a standardized way. Historical data of completed projects, releases and sprints, help organizations to regain their grip on application development, regardless the development methodology used.

ISBSG data helps organizations to make better decisions, based on objective data instead of subjective opinions. Through the years, many organizations have used the ISBSG data to avoid software horror stories, to select the right outsourcing partners and to support other important decisions. The 2018 R1 repository can be purchased stand-alone or as part of a corporate subscription.

Using Story Points Together with ISBSG Benchmarking Data

It is well known that agile teams use Story Points in their Planning Sprints for sizing work effort. Story Points are not a metrics but use Fibonacci categories to distinguish small (3) from medium (5) to large (8) to extra-large (13) effort size. When assigning user stories to developers per sprint, this is just good enough.

Story Points are specific to a team, and even specific to the point in time. After knowing the domain better, the work effort to implement something might become lower, or in contrary, higher because the complexity initially was underestimated.


ISMA15 is coming!

Just two months to the new edition of the ISMA Conference: ISMA15 will be held on May 9-11 2018 in Rome (Italy), hosted by GUFPI-ISMA (Gruppo Utenti Function Point Italia – Italian Software Metrics Association) in the same place we were two years ago for ISMA12.

ISMA (International Software Measurement and Analysis) are the Conferences organized or officially supported by IFPUG. The three-day event will contain workshops on May 9-10, exam sessions on May 10 (CFPS/CFPP and CSP) and the conference day (May 11).

If you’re a CFPS in a good standing, remember that the conference day is valid for one CEP credit, while if you’re PMP certified too, you’ll claim 7 PDUs for the conference day and 3 PDU for each workshop attended.

To know more about ISMA15, click here. Still room available: for registrations, click here.

If you need some more info, also on your VISA if you come from abroad, you can use this contact.

Save the Date  – September 11 and 12, 2018

2 conferences back to back! National Congress of Measurement and Estimation of Software (CNMES) on Sept 11 and ISBSG IT Confidence on Sept 12 in Mexico City.

More information will come over the next few months.  Lookup CNMES and IT Confidence to see information on last years conferences