New Release of ISBSG Development & Enhancement Data for 2018

ISBSG is pleased to announce the new release of the Development & Enhancement data repository for 2018..

The number of new development projects, releases and series of sprints is now over 8200.

Use the latest release of the ISBSG data for:

  • improved software project estimation
  • reality checks of proposals
  • better project control
  • scope management
  • (supplier) performance measurement
  • effective benchmarking and research

ISBSG data helps organizations to make better decisions, based on objective data instead of subjective opinions. Through the years, many organizations have used the ISBSG data to select the right outsourcing partners, support  critical planning decisions and avoid software “horror stories”.

The ISBSG Development & Enhancement data can be purchased on its own or as part of a Corporate Subscriptions.