December 2017 Newsletter

The New Release of the ISBSG Data is Coming!

ISBSG is excited to announce the new release of the Development & Enhancement (D&E) data in January 2018.

ISBSG Corporate subscribers will be sent the new release of the data, as part of their subscription.  Find out how you can enjoy the benefits of a Corporate Subscription – click here.

Would you like to know how the ISBSG D&E data can help improve the planning and estimation of your IT project?  Browse now.

Save 40% When You Renew Your D&E Data License

We are pleased to announce a generous discount for customers who wish to renew their D&E Data licenses.

D&E Data License renewals will now cost $1,800 (AUD), which is a 40% discount off the regular price of $3,000(AUD)**. This offer applies to renewals that occur immediately after the expiry of the previous license.

**Note: D&E Data Licenses will increase in price to $3,000 at the 1st January 2018.

Submit Your Agile Projects

According to the Harvard Business Review:

     “Agile innovation methods have revolutionized information technology. Over the past 25 to 30 years they have greatly increased success rates in software development, improved quality and speed to market, and boosted the motivation and productivity of IT teams.”

With this in mind, we would like to expand our growing collection of Agile projects in the ISBSG Data Repository.  We invite you to submit your Agile projects to us.  We guarantee your anonymity and offer ‘rewards’ for submissions of Agile and all other projects.

For information on how to submit your data to ISBSG, click here .

Browse IT Metrics Presentations

ISBSG invite you to browse and download presentations from the 2018 Beijing IT Confidence Conference. These papers and articles were presented by experts from the IT Metrics industry from around the world.

Presentation titles and their presenters/organisations are listed below:

  • Software Project Benchmarking & Estimation: Contribution of COSMIC FPs   – Alain Abran (COSMIC)
  • Create Cost Savings Using Size Measure   – Christine Green  (IFPUG)
  • From Data to Insight   –  Thomas Gordijn (Metri/ISBSG)
  • Improve Your Estimation Maturity Using Functional Size Measurement and Industry Data   –  Harold van Heeringen  (Metri/ISBSG) 
  • Planning and Managing Modernization Projects with Fewer Resources/Budget   –  Galorath
  • Software Rates vs Function Point Price   – Rafael de la Fuente, Dácil Castelo, Raúl Fernández  (LEDAmc)
  • Simulation Models Based on ISBSG Data   –  Milan Rao  (Mindtree)
  • Measuring the sustainability of FLOSS Ecosystem   –  Minghui Zhou (Associate Professor)

Browse presentations here.