2017 IT Conference

The 2017 IT Confidence Conference was hosted by Gold partner China Software Process Improvement (China SPI) in September in Beijing.

Go to the IT Confidence Conference 2017 web page for more information on the event.

Displayed below are the presentations from the 2017 IT Confidence Conference

Software Project Benchmarking & Estimation: Contribution of COSMIC FPs – Alain Abran (COSMIC)
This presentation discusses the benefits of using Cosmic function points for the benchmarking and measurement of software projects.
Download the presentation:   Software Projects Benchmarking & Estimation

Create Cost Savings Using Size Measure – Christine Green  (IFPUG)
The use of accurate software measurement and benchmarking is shown to be a significant way to save project costs.
Download the presentation: Create Cost Savings Using Size Measure 

From Data to Insight –  Thomas Gordijn (Metri/ISBSG)
This presentation covers two topics.  The first looks at the effect of project size on productivity. The second topic examines the effort spent on phases of the project lifecycle.  Agile vs other projects is considered.
Download the presentation: From Data to Insight

Improve Your Estimation Maturity Using Functional Size Measurement and Industry Data –  Harold van Heeringen  (Metri/ISBSG) 
This presentation discusses the important role that accurate and realistic estimations play in the success of a project. It shows that the use of software project data can help to deliver this accuracy.
Download the presentation: Improve Your Estimation Maturity

Planning and Managing Modernization Projects with Fewer Resources/Budget –  Galorath
The key points to consider when undertaking a modernisation project are covered by this presentation. The use of Open Source and the costing of Cloud-based solutions is also discussed.
Download the presentation: Planning and Managing Modernization Projects with Fewer Resources/Budget

Software Rates vs Function Point Price – Rafael de la Fuente, Dácil Castelo, Raúl Fernández  (LEDAmc)
This highlights the main conclusions from the Function Point Price vs Rates studies carried out by LEDAmc, based on their experience and customer information. It also shows the importance of the FP Price and other normalized indicators against the typical man hour focus in software portfolio management.
Download the presentation: Software Rates vs Function Point Price

Simulation Models Based on ISBSG Data –  Milan Rao  (Mindtree)
This presentation explores the use of historical IT project data and simulation to forecast: project costs, schedules, defects and effort.
Download the presentation:  Simulation Models Based on ISBSG Data

Measuring the sustainability of FLOSS Ecosystem –  Minghui Zhou (Associate Professor)
Download the presentation: Measuring the Sustainability of FLOSS Ecosystem