May 2017 Newsleter

New Release of Data Repository

This week the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) announces the new release of the Development & Enhancements data repository: 2017R1. Over 500 projects have been added and the number of new development projects, releases and series of sprints is now over 8000. The data can be used for software project estimation, reality checks of proposals, project control, scope management, (supplier) performance measurement, benchmarking and research.

Nowadays, many organizations move from a traditional software development method to Agile and DevOps team approaches. Although these modern ways of software development are designed to deliver working software of the highest priority as fast as possible to the user, organizations using these methods often lack grip on their software development budgets.

Story point metrics work fine on the team level but are not useful for management as story points is not a defined standard and the number of points strongly differs per team. Thus, management often doesn’t know how many people should be in the teams. In addition, it’s very hard to predict at any time, what functionality should be available and at what level of quality.

The ISBSG data of completed projects, releases, and sprints, help organizations to regain their grip on application development, no matter which method used.

ISBSG data helps you to make better decisions, based on objective data instead of subjective opinions.

The 2017R1 repository can be purchased stand-alone or as part of a corporate subscription. Corporate subscribers get this release and regular updates for free a part of the value of the subscription.  Other benefits of being a corporate subscriber include unlimited access to all ISBSG Special Analysis reports, a 12 month subscription to the new ISBSG Productivity Data Query tool and 10% discount on all ISBSG products and services.

Call for presentations for IT Confidence Conference

The 2017 IT Confidence and ISBSG workshop will be hosted by Gold partner China Software Process Improvement (China SPI) in September in Beijing. ISBSG is looking forward to return to China 9 years after the successful event in Nanjing (2008). The Call for Presentations and the IT Confidence 2017 website with all information regarding the event is available.

Submission of abstracts closes May 31, 2017

Looking forward to seeing you there.