ISMA 13 was held in Mumbai March 6 2017.  John Ogilvie, ISBSG CEO attended at presented at the conference on using functional sizing to improve business success and presented a workshop on “Effective Applications Development Benchmarking”.

Using IFPUG Functional Sizing and Historical Data to Improve Business Success

The presentation demonstrates the business value of sizing using IFPUG Function Points using 3 examples

  • “Reality Check” of Project Estimates
  • Assessing Organizational Competitiveness
  • Supplier Assessment in the Request for Fixed Price Proposal process

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Applications Development Benchmarking

Benchmarking the Applications Development, Maintenance and Support (AD/M)  Environment can potentially provide significant insights into the performance of  IT processes and identify how and where they can be most effectively improved.  However, many organisations initiate a Benchmarking Activity, without first fully determining the objective of the benchmark, the benefits they hope to achieve, or establishing the criteria by which projects and applications will be selected and compared.  This Workshop explores the reasons why organisations choose to benchmark, identifies the potential benefits of benchmarking, and highlights the pitfalls of failing to appropriately plan the benchmarking activity or introduce rigor into the benchmarking process to ensure its success.

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