October 2016 Newsletter

ISBSG starts collecting data with online questionnaires

ISBSG is facilitating its data submission process for people who want to submit data, but don’t wish to go through the lengthy data collection questionnaires on paper. Short versions of the questionnaires are now available online! If you have some project data, please submit and get a free benchmark report in return!

Review the New Developments or Enhancements Survey

Review the Maintenance & Support Survey


ISBSG voted in top 25 of most promising project management solution providers

Until now there were a few differences between the ‘regular’ D&E repository and the D&E repository that the corporate subscribers get as part of their corporate subscription. The main difference being the number of data fields issued in the release. Starting 2016R1 that was just released, these differences have been removed, which means that now everybody will get the full repository with all the fields that can possibly be issued. This affects all data points that are present in the repository, so also the projects that were released earlier without these fields.

Read about more about the ISBSG D&E data.


ISBSG/ICEAA SoCal co-organize the 2016 IT Confidence conference

The magazine APAC CIO Outlook has published the new list with the top 25 most promising project management solution providers. ISBSG is listed as one of these 25, as the magazine feels that ISBSG data can help many organizations in improving estimation and performance measurement processes. The publicly available data can really help organizations to make better informed decisions, reducing the risks that are usually implied in low maturity (‘expert’) project estimates and therefore saving huge amounts of money by avoiding the waste connected to failing projects. Find the digital version of this magazine here: http://bit.ly/2auH6zN


ISBSG Workshop

From September 7 until September 10, the annual ISBSG workshop was held in Los Angeles, USA. Representatives of members from all over the world discussed the ways ISBSG should operate in the ever changing world of software. One of the new services ISBSG is going to provide is an online productivity query tool, which can be used easily to estimate or benchmark a project based on size and industry data.  This tool should be going live any time soon and will be announced through a separate newsletter.

IT Confidence conference

Aligned with the ISBSG workshop, the annual IT Confidence conference was organized in a coproduction with the Southern California chapter of the International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association (ICEAA: www.iceaaonline.com). In a full day conference, a lot of interesting thoughts on software cost estimation in combination with the use of parametric models and historical data were exchanged. The presentations can be downloaded here: https://isbsg.org/2016/09/12/2016-it-conference/

New Repositories?

ISBSG is currently investigating the creation of additional data collection questionnaires and repositories to better service the needs of the industry. If you have a good idea for new repositories, please let us know through repositorymanagement@isbsg.org


New report available: Software project cost and hour rates

Project costs can be analyzed from two perspectives: cost per function point, and cost per hour. This report analyzes the projects in the ISBSG Development and Enhancement Repository (March 2016 Release) that provide cost data, from both of those perspectives. For this report we have focused on 732 projects in the Repository, for which the size, effort and cost data are comparable and reliable. This report can be purchased from the ISBSG website: https://isbsg.org/reports/


Restrictions in contributing to ISBSG?

ISBSG wishes to understand what organizations restricts in submitting data to ISBSG. Could you please help us out by filling in the following short questionnaire?