Automated FPA within a Continuous Integration Environment (Agile AFP)

by T.Barbieri, M.Pasquale

We present a prototype of a technical framework to perform AFP (Automated Function Point Analysis) on software built on a canonical architecture (Java Enteprise with Entities modeled using JPA 2.0 – the Java Persistence Framework).  The solution is integrated in Sonarqube.  It allows for on-the-fly assessment of a new quality metric that we propose, called “Technical Delay”.

We define Technical Delay as the Technical Debt of the project expressed in Function Points per hour, instead of LOC/hour.  Using AFPs as a normalization factor, Technical Delay can be used as a SLA metric on Agile Projects.  Especially in contexts where Continuous Integration is used and the metric needs to be constantly recomputed and monitored.  The presentation will show early results on pilot projects applying the methodology.

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