What you can find in the ISBSG Development & Enhancement Repository

Where did the projects come from?

The projects have been submitted from 26 different countries. Major contributors are the United States (32% of all projects), Australia (13%), Japan (12%), Finland (9%), France (7%), the Netherlands (6%), India (5%), Canada (5%), and Spain (4%).

The projects were “built” in 32 different countries. Major contributors are United States (18% of all projects where the country of effort is known), Finland (14%), France (11%), the Netherlands (10%), Australia (9%), India (8%), Japan (6%), Spain (5%), Canada (5%), Denmark (4%) and Brazil (4%).

What are the origins of the projects?

Organisation types: There are more than 30 different organisation types represented, the major types are: Communications, Manufacturing, Insurance, Government, Banking, Medical/Health Care, Financial, Electronics/IT, Service Industry, Wholesale/Retail and Utilities.

Business areas: The major business area types are: Communications, Insurance, Banking, Transport Logistics, Finance, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Accounting, Customer Relations, Personnel, Government, Inventory and Purchasing.

What are the application types?

Over 100 different application types are recorded in the D&E Repository. Major groupings of projects are: Financial Transaction Processing and Accounting, Transaction/Production, MIS, Process Control, Real time, Financial, Database/Catalogue/Register, Web/E-business, Sales & Marketing, Office/Executive/Decision Information System, Billing, Inventory/Ordering, Analysis & Reporting, Communications and Network Management and Reporting

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