Beyond the Statistical Average: The KISIS Principle (Keeping it Simple is Stupid)

by J. Ogilvie,

This is based on the speaker’s experience in negotiating and managing many outsourcing contracts, where Function Points was used as a Key Performance Indicator. This presentation describes the pitfalls that can be experienced if a  simplistic a view of  Function Point data is taken. It suggests ways that this can be avoided.

It starts with a typical outsourcing scenario. ISBSG project data and techniques are used to improve the effectiveness of a Function Point program.

Particular emphasis is given to the importance of setting baselines. These must be appropriate to the environment to be measured. It must be decided how to determine if agreed performance targets are achieved.

The use of statistical analysis beyond just averages, to enable a more sophisticated and pragmatic interpretation of measurement data is demonstrated. The view that a little statistical analysis can actually uncover “lies and damn lies” is offered.

Finally, a template for design of a successful Function Point Program is presented.

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