IT Data Collection, Analysis and Benchmarking: From Processes and Benchmarks Into Real Business Value

by D. Galorath

In an IT context, companies struggling to increase profits often view IT as a necessary evil. It is one that consumes resources rather contributes to the bottom line. These organizations often don’t see value in data collection analysis or benchmarking either. However, IT can be a significant contributor when IT decisions are made, after measuring and estimating both cost and return.

IT data collection analysis and benchmarking continue to improve the cost of IT systems. It helps decision-making, regarding where to spend money to stop the bleeding. As such, repeatable processes for estimating cost, schedule and risk will be addressed along with the “iron triangle” of software. The Iron Triangle looks at issues of cost, schedule, scope and quality. It helps determine what must give when client increases scope, reduces schedule or reduces budget.

Additionally this presentation will address: the risk adjusted Total Cost of Ownership and return in IT investment; its consistency with long-range investment; business strategy of an organization measured against risk, key technical and performance parameters, as well as technical debt. Finally, since this presentation will address the overriding business concerns: how much value does this software contribute to the business and is the best place to spend the money.

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