Application Lifecycle Management and process monitoring through an integrated and low-cost solution, mainly based on Open Source Software products

by N.Bertazzo, D. Gagliardi, S. Oltolina, G. Ruffatti

Requirements play a crucial role in the definition of the boundaries and identity of a project. Their traceability, correct development, sharing with the stakeholders and validation determine the project failure or success. Moreover, Quality Assurance (QA) processes facilitate project management activities.

Proper measures and indicators are considered as key information of project success. The Engineering Group ( demonstrates its: integrated solution, compliance to CMMI-DEV principles, based on SPAGO4Q (

The QEST nD model (Buglione-Abran), made of a set of open source and low cost tools, enables:
• management of the application lifecycle in a complex, flexible and shared environment, enhancing the communication among the project stakeholders;
• management of internal project assessment activities by the QA Department;
• monitoring of projects and measurement of performances, allowing information sharing among the stakeholders.

The use of an integrated, low-cost solution compliant to the CMMi requirements has been a key success factor at Engineering Group. This can be easily extended and integrated with other corporate tools. I has been a key success factor at the Engineering Group. It has fostered the adoption of well-defined ALM processes and an effective software lifecycle management. This solution can integrate other applications developed by different divisions of the company. This reduces the duplication of information and fosters the sharing of lessons learned.

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