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ISBSG has a data repository of more than 9,100 software projects, submitted by leading IT and metrics companies from around the world.

Benchmark your IT project against the ISBSG Data to determine how you can improve your project planning.

Gain valuable project insights with ISBSG reports and its productivity comparison tool.

2020 IT Confidence Conference

Wherever you are in the world, join the 2020 IT Conference, via Zoom.

Dates are 28th August and 4th September 2020.

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New release-2019 ISBSG Data

Use ISBSG Data to benchmark the performance of your IT project.  With more than 9,100 projects from around the world, it has a wealth of information to help you.



Learn about productivity, estimation, managing activities and team size in Agile.  Download free AGILE reports on a series of relevant topics.

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ISBSG – Supporting research around the world

Did you know that universities and academics from around the world use the ISBSG data?


ISBSG can help your IT project

ISBSG addresses the topics that are important to your IT project. Improve your project outcomes with valuable information.


Better Project Productivity

Would you like to improve your project team productivity? ISBSG can help you.

Case Studies

Read how the ISBSG has helped organisations improve their estimations


View presentations from our workshops and conferences


Read expert opinions on software metrics topics and join in the conversation


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2020 IT Confidence Conference

The 8th annual ISBSG Confidence Conference on software data collection,…

National Congress of Software Measurement & Estimation CNMES 2019

 We officially announce the date for our National…

SPI China to host the 2019 IT Confidence Conference

Join us in Beijing for the 6th annual IT Confidence Conference. …

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What our clients think

ISBSG data is the best option for validating your estimates of time and quality for software dvelopment and maintenance.

David Garmus

“Nesma, as an ISBSG Gold partner, strongly supports the use of ISBSG data and analysis reports (available for free for our members). These products enable our members and their clients to bridge the gap between sizing, benchmarking and estimation and thus give meaning to the outcome of their sizing efforts. From a business point of view, it’s important for organizations to know their performance. Without this knowledge, you are ‘in the dark’ regarding the cost of IT projects and Agile teams. ISBSG data sheds light into that darkness. Nesma, together with ICEAA, is developing the Software Cost Estimation Body of Knowledge (and certification). The availability of ISBSG data, relevant analysis reports and other materials are a crucial part of this sCEBoK.”

Bert Veening (NESMA)

METRI is a fact-based IT advisory firm that advises the top 200 companies in the Netherlands and the globally operating system integrators. METRI is a specialist in financial data analysis and provides numerous Estimation & Performance Measurement services for its clients, like for instance Agile Team Performance Monitor, Software Risk Monitor and IT Cost Estimation. METRI helps its customers to make the best possible decisions, based on data instead of gut feeling and opinions. METRI continuously collects relevant market data and combines this data with some trusted external data sources. The ISBSG dataset is current, validated, trusted and therefore our corporate subscription to ISBSG is an important asset to our organization. METRI Senior Consultant Harold van Heeringen has been active in ISBSG since 2005, from 2011 onwards in the capacity of ISBSG president. This shows the value METRI sees in ISBSG and the trust it puts in this organization.

Harold van HeeringenSenior Consultant Financial Data Analysis, METRI

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