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Learn about productivity, estimation and team size in Agile.


Determine the factors that impact your project’s productivity.


Outsourced projects must be monitored to ensure cost effectiveness, quality and customer satisfaction.


Accurate estimations are essential for the success of your project.


Learn about the factors that affect the schedule and budget of your project.


A significant proportion of your IT systems’ budget may be spent on maintenance and support.


Compare your project’s estimates to the best in industry.


Software size is the main input parameter to cost estimation models. Advice should be sought before choosing an appropriate sizing method.

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Become an ISBSG partner and enjoy exclusive benefits. Join other leading IT and metrics organisations in promoting the use of software metrics in project management.

ISBSG supports research

ISBSG proudly supports academic research around the world.  ISBSG data is trusted and widely used for research papers and projects.


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Receive a benchmark report when you submit project data to ISBSG. Help us to to grow our repository of project data.

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