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Use industry history data to improve your IT management
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Development & Enhancement
Improve IT performance through estimation, benchmarking, project planning &
management and IT infrastructure planning.
Software Development &
Maintenance & Support

Improve management performance of software portfolio maintenance and support.

Software Maintenance
& Support
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"For many years the lack of readily available benchmark data blinded software developers and managers to the real economics of software. Now that ISBSG is making data on thousands of projects available to the software industry, it is becoming possible to make solid business decisions about software development practices and their results in terms of productivity and quality, ISBSG data is a valuable asset for the software industry and for all companies that produce software."..Capers Jones

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Case Studies

Large Bank: Netherlands
The ISBSG data helped this organization to estimate their project in a realistic way, preventing them from a huge failure. View case study >

Large Government Department: Australia
Project teams had, over two years, been expressing an opinion that a new way of working was inefficient. IT management and the business only reacted when the fact of a 500% cost increase was proven and presented.
View case study >

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Can you trust the ISBSG data?

Are you planning a software metrics program but are unsure what to collect?
The free ISBSG Data Collection Questionnaires will help...

Main industry tools use ISBSG data
The main industry tools now use the ISBSG data for sizing, project management...


2015 IT Confidence Conference
7 October2015
ISBSG and GUPFI ISMA present the IT Confidence Conference - the 3rd International Conference on IT Data Collection, Analysis and Benchmarking, on 19 October 2015 in Florence, Italy. The conference promises to be a stimulating and informative event. ISBSG would like youto attend and share your expertise and experiences whilst networking with the global IT community. Registration is FREE for ISBSG, IFPUG & GUFPI ISMAmembers. To see the conference program or to register, visit

New Release (R13) of D&E Data
10 February 2015
The International Software Benchmarking Standards Group is very proud to announce that it has now released R13 of its New Developments and Enhancements (D&E) repository, containing the project data of 6.760 completed software realization projects. A broad range of project types from many industries and many business areas are available for you to use for estimating, awareness of trends, comparison of platforms and languages or benchmarking. Compared to Release 12 a total number of 754 projects have been added, 660 of these which were completed in the year 2012 or later. The data in the projects have come from over thirty countries, with 53% of the projects being completed in the last decade. Click here for more details or to purchase your R13 licence of the ISBSG Repository.

Leda MC Joins ISBSG

25th November 2014

ISBSG welcomes Leda MC as a Gold Partner (Industry). We thankyou for your ongoing support.

Cosmic/ISBSG Global Benchmarking Initiative

October 2014

Submit Cosmic projects to ISBSG before February 2015 and earn special rewards. For more details, please read this invitation from ISBSG president, Harold van Heeringen. To submit data, fill in the Cosmic Concise Questionnaire

ISBSG president speaks at IFPUG conference
25 February 2014
ISBSG president, Harold van Heeringen, will speak at the international IFPUG conference in Madrid. The conference commences on 27 March 2014. For more details, visit>

ISBSG is now collecting SNAP Data
22 November 2013
The IFPUG Software Non-functional Assessment Process (SNAP) provides a quantifiable measure for the Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) in a software project. In support of the SNAP standard, ISBSG is expanding its repository to enable storage of SNAP data in addition to functionally sized data. The new SNAP DCQ has been added to the list of ISBSG Data Collection Questionnaires. Full details of the IFPUG SNAP standard can be found at

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“ISBSG data is the best option
for validating your estimates
of time and quality for software development
and maintenance.”
David Garmus

"ISBSG remains the only truly
open large scale data repository
in the world."
Lee, Galorath

"For Sogeti it’s crucial to compare
our M&S performance against the
ISBSG data. Only after comparing
to the industry, we know if our
maintenance activities have been
carried out in an efficient way. This knowledge enables us to identify the applications where corrective actions
could be needed. Also it hands us the possibility to show the customers that their applications are managed in an efficient way, which increases
predictability and transparency and therefore our most important metric: customer satisfaction."
Harold Van Heeringen, Sogeti